Science Photography Competition

YSJ Photography prize 2012


The Young Scientists Journal is pleased to announce the launch of its science photography competition this February, if you plan to participate, consider reading this guide about using photoshop for old photo restoration. Students aged 18 and under, from anywhere in the world, are invited to submit their photos in the following categories.

  • Energy – (open to all ages)
  • Camouflage – (under 12 category)
  • Science behind the Olympics – (12-15 category)
  • The result of science (16-18 category).

Photos taken using any camera, phone or other device can be submitted to compete for prizes. Entries will be submitted with a short description (150-250 words) of the inspiration and the science behind the photo and images must be a maximum of 8MB in size.  The images will be judged on an artistic and a scientific basis, considering quality, originality and scientific relevance.
For the open theme (Energy), there is a first prize of £150 and a runner up prize of £50.  For the other themes, there are first prizes of £75 and runner up prizes of £25. All prizes will be Amazon vouchers.
For more information, and to enter this exciting competition, visit and click on ‘photography competition’.  Entries are easily uploaded online.
Entrants must be 18 years or under on 1st February 2012 and select the themes open to their age group. All entries must be received by Young Scientists Journal by 1st May 2012.
Please note that all pictures must be verified as your own. You cannot use copyrighted material. Anyone found doing so will immediately be disqualified from the competition. The same consequences apply for anyone who does not meet the age criteria. Find out more at or join the forum on the website if you have any queries.
 Our thanks to STEMNET for providing the funding for the prizes.

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