Water Droplet

Theme: Energy
Award: Highly Commended
Photographer: Kyle Meadows
This is a new type of photography to me. I found it fascinating to freeze action and see the result of drops of liquid hitting another liquid. I had looked at many slow motion videos of this, yet i wanted to try photographing it. The purpose of this shoot was to expand my photographic knowledge and experiment with new techniques. It was also because of my curiosity of science, and the effects of moving liquid.This photo is where a drop of liquid has hit another drop, and created an umbrella effect. this is a fairly rare occurance, and it took me many, many attempts to achieve it. The liquid used was a mixture of water and milk, to make it thicker, and food colouring. To take the photo, I used an off camera flash, and set my camera on a tipod, whilest using a remote trigger. There is very little editing in the photo, apart from slight colour, and level changes.

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