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YSJ coverThis is a newly published book as a part of Trilogy by the Butrous Foundation. The book aims to provide a roadmap to younger generation of young scientists. The first volume is published in July 2010). Thirty-one years ago, Sir Peter Medawar wrote Advice to a Young Scientist, a wonderful book directed to university students. The Butrous Foundation\’s Journeys Trilogy is particularly for those aged 12 to 20 who are inspired to have careers in science or to use the path of science in other careers. This trilogy is also intended for educators and parents seeking to nourish scientific enquiry among younger students, as well as for adult readers intrigued by unusual life journeys. In the first volume of the trilogy; the 20 authors were members of the Student Science Society in high school in Bangkok in the 1960s, and now, near their own 60s, they share the most important things they learned about science specifically and life generally during their own young scientist journeys. 

197 x 132 cm. / 7.75 x 5.25 in.
332 pages
colour photographs
ISBN 978-0-9566440-0-8
US$ 10.95 before 18 August 2010
US$ 19.95 after 19 August 2010

Volume 2: this volume is a veritable treasure map of “clues” that lead a young scientist to a successful and fulfilling career, presented within the context of the wisdom of the great gurus and teachers of the past in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
Volume 3 is a gathering of assays by élite and well-known scientists reflect on their own journeys that resulted not only in personal success but also in the enrichment of humanity, See Table of contents
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All the royalties of this book and the trilogy will go to the Butrous Foundation to support and maintain Young scientists Journal

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 BF logoThe Butrous Foundation was established in 2006 to empower young scientists. It is directed by Ghazwan Butrous, who is Professor of Cardiopulmonary Sciences at the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom. He is also Patron of The Young Scientists Journal, the world\’s first scientific journal of, by, and for, all the world\’s scientists aged 12-20.


Butrous Foundation is a charitable foundation and donations are welcomed to support its work and sustain the continuous publication of the Young Scientists Journal. Thank you for your support.


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