African Lioness Close-Up

African Lioness Close-Up
Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Alex Dibnah
This has got to be one of if not my best image that I have taken. I had been to this zoo before and was ever so eager to try it out once more. The great thing about photography is that no one photo is the same as another and no one experience is the same. This is seen very clearly by this image here. I think it was one of the few times she actually turned her head to look at me, but when she did, I was ready and a beautifully composed close-up shot of her was my reward.Looking into those eyes you can see her true killer instinct; they seem to see RIGHT through you. Although not seen directly by this image, lions have ultra sensitive eyes whose retina can detect much more light than humans and so in the dark these already piercing eyes stand out bright green in the blackness. Nevertheless, the sharpeness of the eyes here make for a beautiful image in my opinion and one that I will cherish for a long time. There is a real energy here…This image was also cropped a little just to get the proportions correct.

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