Birds and a Wind Turbine at Sunset

Birds and a Wind Turbine at Sunset
Theme: Energy
Award: Highly Commended
Photographer: Michael Hoffman
My inspiration for this Photo was the environment and its energy.The stunning world we live in is sustained by the immense energy of the sun depicted here. The amount of energy the Sun has exceeds 1.5 billion atom bombs, per second. But although our environment is amazing, we (humanity) are slowly taking away its charm. Global Warming and fossil fuels made from the inefficient energy plants we created are beginning to have undesired effects on our world. So it’s important to find something new, to have green energy. This is encapsulated by the wind turbine in the picture, which generate around 4 million kW of power a year, enough to power around 500 homes. Finally the birds in this picture will use up very little energy as they fly, as their bodies are shaped perfectly to be as efficient as possible, much like the turbine – Maximum energy for minimum effort. My photo, depicts energy in a multitude of forms, natural energy in the sun which sustains the energy of the planet and the birds shown. As well as the wind turbine humanity has placed, to satisfy its own lust for energy whilst being kind to our world. (Edited – Saturation, Levels, Curves, Exposure, Constrast & Brightness in Adobe Photoshop)

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