Blazing Embers

Blazing Embers
Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Abegael Tomlin
The inspiration for this picture was to show the beauty behind the natural energy resource of fire.  Fire can have an almost hypnotic effect upon a person as you get drawn into the shimmering golden flames which can help sustain life or cruelly snuff it out.  The picture was taken at home and shows our wood burning stove which is the focal point of our sitting room.  The flames almost seem to be dancing around the wood in their different colours of yellow, orange and purple, in the picture and have an almost liquid quality to them and they invite the viewer to come closer, but not too close.  I feel that this picture transfers the feeling of warmth and cosy comfort that we all feel when the fire is ablaze, keeping us warm on a winter’s evening. It is hard to capture the true essence of fire in reality, as it is constantly moving, burning and changing shape so quickly however just sometimes you can find that right moment. Not much editing has been done to this photo, but I have cropped around the edges that were not needed.

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