Energy: Natural and Artificial

Energy Natural and Artificial
Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Charu Maheshwari
I think this photograph speaks about itself. The different forms of energy have been depicted in this photograph. The natural forms of energy like the sun can be seen here. Also the wind energy can be felt because of the clouds. Also the electric pole can be seen which symbolizes electricity. Hence, both conventional and non-conventional sources of energy can be seen in this photograph. The sun coming behind the electricity tower adds to the picture\’s beauty. I have enhanced the colours of the photo a bit to give it a more colourful feel. The clouds are scattered and occupy most of the sky, thus making the photograph even more beautiful. I would have tried for the rule of thirds, but the sky was too beautiful to miss and I did not have enough place to move! I took this click on my tour to Orissa (India), on the beach of Jagannath Puri.

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