Theme: The Result of Science
Award: N/A
Photographer: Verity Kelly
This picture shows fireworks. I took it during the 2012 New Years Day fireworks display of Cromer pier. I chose this picture from the pictures I took during the display as it shows multiple fireworks. Also I like the people in the foreground as it creates a feeling for the viewer that you are also standing on the beach. I chose this picture for the category of the result of science, as it shows the wide use of science in modern day life; science is not only just taught in schools it is also used to create beautiful displays and entertain audiences. I also chose this picture as it shows the development of science as fireworks are being set of wirelessly from a dinghy in the sea away from the firefighters lighting the fireworks on the pier. I think it also shows how electronics and chemistry can work together to create better and more effective outcomes.

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