Flower and Power

Flower and Power
Theme: Energy
Award: Highly Commended
Photographer: Lauren Farrow
This photo shows how energy is used everywhere. The pilon transports engery and this is a man made form, whereas the plants in the oil see rape field, use energy from the sun. I believe that this photo captures a range of aspects of energy; the pilon transporting energy, the flowers needing energy to grow (and people use to crops to make different energy forms e.g fuel) and the bright day in which the photo was captured in, shows that the sun is this planet\’s primary source of energy.I think that my photo combines photography skills along with imagination and above all science. I think the image tells a astoryof how evergy is litterally everywhere ans also that this planet would not be able to function with out it. Overall, i think this photo captures the beauty of energy.My inspiration for this photo, was my love of science and the wonders behind it. Also, pilons and feilds are in my local area, and this competition gave me the oppurtunity to look at pilons closely, along with the oil seed rape and see how they link.There has been no editing done to this photo.

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