Frozen Witchhazel, Ice Storm 2012

Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Sabrina Tapp
In January we had a severe winter storm in our town. People were calling it, the snowpocalypse! Our power went out for three cold days, but we managed to get by. Since the roads were icy, my friend and I walked to the store. I noticed some Witchhazel flowers were exposed and others were covered with ice from the the freezing rain. I immmediatley ran inside and grabbed my phone. The ice inspired me to learn more about freezing rain. I learned that freezing rain is formed when the air near the ground is below freezing and warm; moist air floats in from the ocean. When the rain hits the plant or ground it freezes instantly. As time goes by and rain cointinues to fall, the ice builds and builds until the branch can\’t hold the weight and breaks.After I took the picture, my Dad brought it into work and his landscape architects thought it was a good example of seasonal colors during the winter. They recommended that I enter it into a contest. I cropped it just a little so it focused on the ice enclosing the flowers. I kept all the colors the same. Thanks for listening!

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