Hong Kong Lights

Hong Kong Lights
Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Alexandra Barkshire
This is a photo that I took in Hong Kong, now one of the leading international financial centres of the world. It is the World’s most vertical city resulting in an incredibly dense mass of buildings, and in turn meaning that power is needed on a vast scale to maintain this centre. I have picked this photo for the topic ‘Energy’ because of the reliance that we have upon it, an idea that is exaggerated when looking at a city that always has its lights on, and its importance is shown by the light show they put on every night as a celebration of the energy. I also moved the camera as I took the photo and I think that this creates and interesting combination where the all the different colours from the visible spectrum merge and become white, an interesting concept because they were intended to remain separated when lighting the buildings. This shows off a range of different colours and types of energies that we rely on and use today and I think it represents this topic well.

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