Lightning lit trees in a storm

Lightning lit trees in a storm
Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Edward Vinson
This was taken while driving back from Switzerland. It is a picture of some windswept trees lit up by a lightning flash in the middle of a storm taken from a moving vehicle. It was in the middle of a storm and the clouds and the time of day made the light very dim and the flashes of lightning illuminated the trees well. I had been taking some other pictures and then accidently changed the settings slightly which lead to the large difference in colour from the subject.The science behind this picture is not just the light from the lightning but also the energy and the movement of the trees in the background. The patterns and contrasts between the light and dark show the movement and form of the trees which in itself is energy thanks to Einstein e=mc2. Although it could look like I have edited this photo it is not edited merely how my phone captured it.

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