Lizard Hiding on a Rock

Lizard Hiding on a Rock
Theme: Camouflage
Award: Runner-up
Photographer: Jemima Kingdon Jones
I was recently on holiday at Bushmans Kloof, a game reserve in South Africa & was on a safari trip looking at wild animals and ancient rock art. I spotted the lizard near one of the rock paintings & took this great picture.The lizard has a skin colur and texture nearly the same as the rocks so it is very hard to see, if it closed its eye it would be nearly invisible. You can normally only spot lizards when they are moving as most of the time they sit very still. The lizard likes to be on the rocks as it hides it from predators but can get warm from the heat of the rocks. The lzard is cold blooded so needs heat to warm it up.The picture has been cropped from the original to put the eye of the lizard in the centre. I used the Kodak hue wizard to balance the light & the shade in the picture

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