Making Fire!

Making Fire!
Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Verity Kelly
This picture shows my cousin (Tom) and his friend (Johnny) using friction to create energy to create some embers which they can then use to light the bonfire. I chose to take this picture as I thought it was interesting to look at the old method of creating fires far from modern lighters or matches. Also the bonfire was for my cousin\’s 21st birthday so I want to remember the occasion. I chose to take a close up picture as I wanted all focus to be on the wood and not on Johnny or Tom. I although did think it was important to show them; partly to show how hard it is to create embers but also to give the picture some perspective. This picture only shows one of the many attempts it took them to actually start the fire. Although once they had light the fire it was soon creating large amounts of heat.

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