Minaret, Istanbul, 2012

Minaret Istanbul 2012
Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Edward Hands
There were three inspirations for taking this photo. The first was to show the clash between east and west. This was taken in Istanbul. Istanbul is a city of two continents, Europe and Asia. Istanbul is a Muslim country and the pylons are a western idea and invention. This shows the clash that inhabits Istanbul. This photo was taken at the time of call to prayer so I wanted to emphasise where the sound was coming from in Photoshop. The second was to show the energy that the world possesses. The third was to show how there are so many manmade objects but no natural things apart from the hill. The pylons, acting as the oaks of industry stand on the horizon competing against the minaret, which will omit energy in the medium of sound. Around the minaret are some waves that could be interpreted as sound waves. On Photoshop I have adjusted the levels and over edited the sharpening to emphasise the minaret more.

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