Mystical Rings

Mystical Rings
Theme: Science behind the Olympics
Award: Winner
Photographer: Abegael Tomlin
The inspiration behind this picture was trying to capture the visual essence of energy as well as linking into the 2012 Olympic Games.  I used a slow shutter speed on tripod which enabled me to photograph the light over a certain amount of time and get it in the right position to show you what it actually is – the Olympic Rings.  I used the deep velvety darkness of the background to enhance the brightness of the rings which have an almost magical quality to them as they appear to be burning brightly like an eternal fire ball giving us a glimpse into the power and golden beauty of an energy that we either take for granted or never have the opportunity to fully appreciate it’s visual impact.  I took this picture in the dark-room at school using an ordinary torch was used to create this piece showing that sometimes, the ordinary can become extraordinary. The only editing I did to this photo was brighten it a bit so you could really make it out.

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