Neon Beams

Dancing Light
Theme: Energy
Award: Winner
Photographer: Emma Dyson
My inspiration for this photo was electric energy. I wanted to find a way to photograph this energy since it is hard to view. I remembered when I was little in science lessons there would be a plasma ball. I was always interested in the vibrant currents of electricity being transmitted from the electromagnet through the neon gas. My mother, who is a science teacher, has one of these balls, so I took this image of the energy that is created. A plasma ball works by the electromagnet in the middle of the glass bulb sending high voltage currents through the gas (which could be neon or a mixture of other noble gases). These gases, when an alternating current is passed through them, create vivid colours. The reason that it works when a hand is placed on the glass ball is, because a circuit is effectively created through the person, while he or she feels a slight electric shock. However, on smaller voltage bulbs you are unable to feel this shock. I have edited this picture only slightly. I have brought up the highlights and definition. I also increased the exposure so it is at 0.91.

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