Peace and Rush

Peace and Rush
Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Victoria Leigh
Energy is the core of existence, its part of our lives and always will be. Energy brings life and vibrance and I feel as if as we\’ve developed so has energy, we\’ve pushed energy further and we\’re still stretching it until one day may be we\’ll reach its full potential. The inspiration I felt when I was in London Charing Cross was the mix of energy and technology, we\’ve managed to incorporate energy into so many different forms and it\’s fascinating to see it in action and that is what really caught my attention, it was just the hustle and bustle happening in the station, the rushing around and so many things happening at once, it really represents our lives; at the same time I decided to also show a quieter sideof energy by blurring everything apart from one person which shows that everyone has their own quiet story. I used the highlights and shadows to make a contrast in the colours, I also used the fish eye effect to make it seem as if the energy is always revolving round and that it is constantly there. I also used the blur effect around everything apart from the one person because although energy is very exciting and can really consume you it is important to look back and notice the details, I used a persons individual story to highlight this point in the picture, so to remind us not to get swept up by this constant wave.

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