Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Elizabeth Ham
I took this photograph over Easter during my internship at a stem cell research lab in The Children\’s Hospital Boston. The photograph shows a stem cell researcher mixing a solution of media for his Immunocytochemistry (ICC) experiment. The cells require the nutrients and energy in the media to grow. Artistically this photograph shows the concept of energy because many lines are leading to the media itself. The pipette the scientist is holding in his right arm leads directly to the test tube, as do the bright lights lining the ceiling. These two lines are both strong and important factors of the composition. By leading to the same position, they enhance the importance of the media within the test tube.   Furthermore, the bright purple of the media is eye catching, as is the colder purple of the gloves. I think these three areas of purple give a balance to the photograph and contrast well with they scientist\’s grey clothing. From a scientific point of view, the media is the souce of energy for the cells being propegated in the experiment, and their survival relies on its nutrients. This is why the lines leading towards the purple media are extremely important.   The photograph has been enhanced on iPhoto.

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