Research of the moon

Research of the moon
Theme: The Result of Science
Award: N/A
Photographer: Linda Valkovska
I just looked up at te nighty sky as i always do, when i am looking for inspiration and i saw one of the satellites. Then my tought from human made objects in the sky came to another one and another one untill i tought about planets and objects in this space that humans have landed on. Then something in my mind said: But those filmed parts of research machines look so simple, it\’s like anyone with right gadgets and things could make them at beach or another place, where it\’s sandy. Later something reminded me of this and i said to myself that i should try, the only truble was with gadgets.I think it\’s easy to get the idea of \”science behind this photo\”.. It is- with all of the gadgets humans can get these times, they can do amazing things and fake a lot of things, but noone would even notice that and know that they have been fooled. Picture is not edited at all.

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