Roadside Turtle

Roadside Turtle
Theme: The Result of Science
Award: N/A
Photographer: Annie Yang
Everyday, turtles and other animals are targeted as a result of habitat fragmentation, and the spread of highways that make it harder for them to find their way home into their ponds, that may be across the treacherous highway. I happened to take this photo by chance; after taking a hike in a forest, I came by a road and saw a turtle struggling to move across. This poor fellow was trying to cross the road, and luckily, there were very few cars on the stretch of road, and I was able to help him across safely. Unfortunately, some other turtles are not able to cross, and many are hit and killed on the roads. As a result of the increasing use of highways and technologies that make roads more efficient, animals are impacted negatively in the process. Their homes are shattered, and they are forced to make the dangerous trek across highways. While science can create a positive effect on our lives, we must also be mindful of the animals whose lives our technologies and conveniences may impact, and consider them as well. There is no editing done on this photo of a turtle, it was all taken by chance and by the camera.

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