Roaring Stag

Roaring Stag
Theme: The Result of Science
Award: N/A
Photographer: Danielle Connor
Animals have evolved for the survival of the fittest. During the rut, stags (male deer) fight for the hinds (female deer). This photo shows a rutting stag roaring or bellowing. He does this to warn off other stags. Rutting stags lose about 20% of their body weight during the rut because they have to be up and running, chasing younger males. This particular rutting male, was one of the biggest and strongest males but he wasn’t fit enough and he ended up losing nearly half his harem (group of female deer, the rutting stag controls). Wildlife has evolved to create the fittest and strongest animals and this is present in deer – this deer has huge antlers which are known to kill humans. A weak stag would never be able to keep a harem. This is why survival of the fittest is a result of science. Taken in Richmond Park.

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