Science Behind The Olympics

Science Behind The Olympics
Theme: Science Behind The Olympics
Award: N/A
Photographer: Jasmine Clackett
the science behind the olympics to me is how they move there bones, creating a image, a kind of illusion to the eye. my picture shows a homemade bluetac sculpture that i made imaging the bones, in which we cant see, of a swimmer, i pictured the arm movement, swiftly moving in a circle motion, with his legs i picture them kicking the water top with hard pation to win. the staminor of an athlet is very strong, and so aare there bones, so i wanted to show that there is many different movements in the body, and even more in athlets. i showed just one of the different potitions that a swimmer will be captured in, but there are loads more, and i beleive that every movement, including injuries, makes there bones much more stronger, they learn how to fix there wounds, to join the broken and finally to keep movement within the body. our body deserves to not just be in writting but in a picture, a picture that tells more than 150 words, a picture thaat explains just how our bod works.

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