Shattered Reflection

Shattered Reflection
Theme: The Result of Science
Award: N/A
Photographer: Adam Shortall
The Gherkin stands out across London’s skyline as one of the fore runners of modern sky scrapers. I took this photo as i was fascinated with the way the light reflected back off the windows in this fragmented way, showing of the way the building curves. I think the crucifix in the top section of the photo is a good reminder of where we were only a hundred years ago, as this comes from a church, which most are traditionally made of stone.The light from this image was perfect, as it was taken around 2pm this time last year, when we had a heat wave. I was also fortunate that it was a completely clear sky.the image was cleaned up slightly by removing a few blemishes. Contrast and brightness were slightly altered and the image as a whole was down scaled to upload here from 10MB to 600 KB

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