The Corkscrew Bridge

The Corkscrew Bridge
Theme: The Result of Science
Award: N/A
Photographer: Emillie De Bree
Seeing that I am hoping to study Engineering, it would only do for me to take a picture of something with involves a lot of Engineering, and what better than a bridge? This is the ‘Bridge of Aspiration, the generous and symbolic gift to the Royal Ballet School in London’, as it says on the plaque. When standing under it I didn’t think it looked anything like a bridge, but it does show the amount of science that has to go into bridges, and that some of the greatest scientific minds have done into building such spectacularly bizarre bridges, both past and present. I think it is a great result of science, as not only is there the maths that goes into the bridge, there is also the physics aspect, and even chemistry when it comes to deciding what materials have to be used, and which atoms make up these materials. I like this picture as it shows the plaque, and though its original design wasn’t as a mirror, it works great as one, and remind us that there is science behind everyday objects, in almost everything that we see around us.

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