The preyer

The Preyer
Theme: Camouflage
Award: Highly Commended
Photographer: Jonah Linquist
I was inspired to take this photo because it\’s a praying mantis, and doesn\’t everybody want to see a praying mantis?  I took this photo because I have always wanted to see a wild praying mantis, and this was my chance to prove that I had actually seen one.  I was lucky to have had my camera.  As for the science behind the photo, I am pretty sure that the mantis that I took a picture of was a Chinese Mantis.  I didn\’t see it until it flew, afterward landing in a green flowering shrub.  Then I was able to see it closely, and let it walk on my hand.  It looked like a brown stick or leaf clinging onto a shrub, and I observed that its wings looked exactly like blades of grass.  With that coloration, I imagine it probably hunts in grass or bushes.  Seeing a wild praying mantis was one of the coolest experiences in my life.

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