The Torch

The Torch
Theme: Science behind the Olympics
Award: Highly Commended
Photographer: Ryan McDougald
This photograph, that I\’ve titled \”the torch\”, is an impressionistic representation of the Olympic torch. The flame that extends from the Olympic torch is continually lit from before the games begin to the last day of the events. This photograph is meant to slow this passage of time (through slow exposure) and detail of beauty of this light. The photograph also shows motion, signify the travel of the torch from city to city.
Science: This photo shows how light appears to elongate and bend with slow exposures in black space. When photographed in the dark, the light appears to have weight, mass and be three dimensional, although we know it is not. The edges of the light show the most color and saturation.
Photo Editting: To get a true black background the exposure was adjusted in Photoshop. Otherwise the photo was shot with a slow exposure using an SLR camera and developed in our high school\’s dark room. The negatives were produced by an outside provider.

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