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The Young Scientists Journal publishes articles (original work only) written by 12-20 year olds on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and related topics.

Before submitting your article through the form, please check that the structure of your article and your references are in the correct format by having a look at the Data Check Checklist and our Reference Guide. An editor will get back to you as soon as possible about the status of your article – this normally takes up to 15 working days!  

When you submit your work to us, it goes through a data checking process, to ensure it has all the necessary elements and is original and unpublished elsewhere, and is then passed on to one of our editing team, who will be in touch with you throughout the peer-review process.

It can take some time for publication, as each article submitted is handled by (at least) one Senior Editor and one Subject Editor, but you will be kept informed as your article moves through the various stages.

Types of Article

Original Research

New, never-done-before scientific investigations and research.

Review Article

A summary and your take on the work and research done in a certain field, drawing from previously published articles and papers.

Blog Post

This might be an opinion piece or a news story – something where you share your view on a topic of scientific interest.

Magazine Article

Perhaps can be seen as a hybrid of a review article and a blog post: longer than a blog post, allowing more depth, but still with your own opinion and take on events and discoveries about your topic. You might include inspirational pictures (with the artist’s permission, of course), dialogue of an interview, a profile of a key player, or a chronology of events thats brings readers up to date on your topic. 

Before You Publish

Caveat: do make sure that you’ve checked the copyright on any third-party images you use!

Ready To Publish?


If you have any questions please contact:

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