Introducing Project reSTEM

Introducing reSTEM.

Empowering youth to reimagine the future.


  • Fact 1: The United States has the largest and best research output in the world annually.
  • Fact 2: The United States has the highest student participation in research through science fairs, research programs etc.


We, at the Young Scientists Journal, believe it isn’t. Youth participation in research can change and is in fact changing the planet’s present and future. Coronavirus, cancer, and environmental degradation are some of the challenges faced by humanity that students are playing an increasingly pivotal role in solving. 

Presenting reSTEM, a one-of-its-kind research club program for schools around the world. reSTEM Hubs are provided with support for conducting activities like skill workshops, guidance seminars etc. As part of the Research 101 workshops, members learn how to navigate the labyrinth of a research project while in reSTEM Safari, they set out exploring various fields of STEM like Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics. A reSTEM Hub gets the exclusive opportunity to produce a Hub Journal, a local edition of the Young Scientists Journal.


Hubs and Hub members also get to compete with each other in various contests.

Apart from this, members get benefits like mentorship for research projects, publishing research and presenting at conferences. Activities are specially designed to be convenient for both in-person and virtual modes and are compatible with Zoom, Google Meet and other platforms.

What makes reSTEM unique? It’s free and open to all schools across the world. Its emphasis on practical application and skill-building and experiential learning based framework ensures that students acquire skills and exposure necessary to be able to conduct an independent original research project, write a paper on it, present their research and compete in science fairs.

To get involved in this unique project, sign up as a reSTEM Ambassador to get recognised for your contribution and start a reSTEM Hub at your school!

Check out the website at to know more!

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