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Young Scientists Journal is proud to announce a partnership with the Royal Society.  In 2015 the Royal Society is marking 350 years of scientific publishing, which it pioneered with Philosophical Transactions.

For some years, the Royal Society has been awarding Partnership Grants to enable schools to carry out real research with the help of a professional scientist. To celebrate “Publishing 350” these schools were encouraged to write up their research for submission to Young Scientists Journal, which is available in a special issue of the journal.

Read our special issue here


Original Press Release Continued:

Once we have accepted and edited the articles from students, we will publish them online and in a special edition of the journal to coincide with the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition in July.

For more information, please see the documents below:

Feel free to contact us for more information at [email protected] or Steven Simpson, Outreach Office at the Royal Society at [email protected].

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