Support Young Scientists to Grow


You can support young scientists journal – the world’s peer review science journal for 12-20 year olds – by becoming a PASS member. PASS stands for Partners, Ambassadors, Sponsors and Supporters. There are 4 main ways you can support us, listed below.

If you are interested in supporting us, contact co-founder and mentor Christina Astin at

1. The publication itself:
a) Provide endorsement for publication (and events)
b) Provide publicity to both parties on:
i) Websites
ii) Publications
iii) Newsletters
iv) Social Media
c) Themes for issues or parts of issues that can be dedicate to PASS organisation
d) Sponsored content
e) Logo opportunity
f) Blog opportunity
g) Possibility for interviews

PASS organisations do not directly contribute to the contents of journal, i.e. they do not write or publish themselves, only work of students that have association with them or come through them.

2. Roles at conferences:
a) Do presentations
b) Organise speakers
c) Exhibit
d) Funding
e) Opportunities to network and advertise
f) Possibilities for interviews

3. Competitions
a) Jointly run with PASS organisations
b) Fund the prizes
c) Assist in publicity
d) Can be endorsed with logo by of competitions (if they provide financial, contents or publicity support)
e) Provide additional kudos to winners and to the journal

4. Placements, internships and work experience opportunities
a) For contributors to the journal
b) Provide opportunities for students
c) Possible advertisement opportunities and/or be endorsed in be publication and/or on website