The 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

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Fig. 1, taken from Background The 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to chemists Benjamin List and David W.C. MacMillan of Frankfurt, Germany, and Bellshill, Scotland, respectively. List and MacMillan had developed a new way to construct molecules through a process known as asymmetric organocatalysis, a novel form of catalysis. This revolutionary finding […]

Optimal Paper Hydrolysis Methodology for Bioethanol Production

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Abstract The world has a large demand for fuel, and in particular, environmentally friendly fuels such as bioethanol. There has been a growing interest in using paper as a feedstock for bioethanol production, as this generates a two-fold effect of both removing waste from landfills and meeting global energy needs. Paper undergoes acid-based or enzymatic […]

Century eggs: What are they?

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Abstract Century eggs are one of the traditional delicacies originating from China. This research investigated the difference between traditional and industrial methods of making century eggs, through various factors such as the number of steps required and time required for century eggs to complete their formation. Secondary to this comparison, the chemical process and scientific […]


Building from the Ground up: Nanostructures to microstructures

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Creativity is at the heart of existence. Throughout history, humankind has sought to create, whether it is a painting, a piece of architecture, or a machine. Incredible feats have been realized, with increasing complexity and diversity, as technology has enabled us to create larger buildings, more vibrant images, and smaller electronics. Although countless enabling discoveries […]