Flywheels: Are Mechanical Batteries the Future of Energy Storage?

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Figure 1: Flywheel “D10 Flywheel” by tudedude is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Abstract Energy storage is vital to our modern-day society as a method of reacting to the supply and demand of electrical energy[1]. Alongside the global push to transition from non-renewable to renewable energy sources, there also exists a need to improve energy […]

On the Future of Sustainable Design

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View Post Abstract This paper is a general roundup of underused elements for sustainable building design. The results of several simulations revealed strategies for designing energy-efficient, financially viable, and aesthetically acceptable buildings. The less conventional ideas include radiation absorption through the colour of roofs and walls, minimization of the surface-area-to-volume and ground-area-to-volume ratios, and the […]

Is Altitude Training the best way to legally improve sporting performance?

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Please follow the link below to view my Biology AS Coursework looking at the effectiveness of Altitude training on Elite Performers. Also explores the effectiveness of Performance Enhancing Energy Drinks and Ice Baths as a recovery method. Is altitude training the best way to legally improve sporting performance?