How should funding for research into post-ischaemic stroke treatment be prioritised?

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Table of Contents Abstract 0 Introduction 1 Background 2 Natural repair mechanism following a stroke 2 Current treatments for stroke 4 Neurogenesis-promoting treatments 5 Monoclonal antibodies 6 Small molecule drugs 7 Growth factors 8 Stem cell therapy 9 Neural stem cells 10 Mesenchymal stem cells 10 Embryonic stem cells 10 Induced pluripotent stem cells 11 […]

A 3D Cellular Automata Cancer Stem Cell Model using MATLAB and App Designer

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Abstract This is a flexible and user-friendly 3D cellular automata model that uses MathWorks’ MATLAB and App Designer to simulate cancer tumor growth that takes into account certain types of Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) behavior. A Cellular Automata model, or a grid containing cells with rules governing their current state, is ideal for MATLAB (Matrix […]