The Board are a group of adults who help with the legally-binding bits of running the Journal. While the student team are in charge day to day, the Board look after the long term interests of the Journal and make sure that we meet our obligations as a Registered Charity in England and Wales (no 1188626). As well as the permanent board members listed here, the Chief Editor and the Mentor also sit on the Board to make sure that the views of the Student Team are well represented.

The Board

Malcom Morgan, Chairman

Dr Malcolm Morgan is the current chairman of the board of trustees. Malcolm was the first Chief Editor of the Young Scientists Journal and has been involved in the journal in some capacity since 2006. Malcolm is an engineer and Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, where he works low energy efficient retrofit of domestic buildings, and cycle infrastructure design and planning. When he is not working Malcolm can be found in the back seat of a glider teaching to people to fly at the Yorkshire Gliding Club.
Alan began his career as Navigating Cadet in the merchant navy prior to a marketing career with leading FMCG companies and specialist retail consultants in UK, Europe and South East Asia. A return to his love of Science began in 2003 by running a science communication brand up to 2008. He then became developer of resources to make science teaching more fun. He has been close to Young Scientists Journal for five years and became a board member two years ago. In his free time Alan plays tennis, cycles, skis and scuba dives. The latter two much less frequently than he would like.

Alan Sheridan, Secretary

George Edwards, Treasurer

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Katherine Mathieson is Chief Executive at the British Science Association (BSA) which believes that science should be a more fundamental part of culture and society. The BSA runs a range of programmes for public and school audiences which enable them to strengthen their relationship with science, and for scientists which provide them with platforms for conversations with the public. The BSA also does research & campaigns on the relationship between science and culture.
Katherine previously led a portfolio of projects in science education and enterprise education for Nesta. She has previously held roles at a range of other science organisations, including the Forensic Science Service, Science Line and the pharmaceutical company Merck.
Katherine has a degree in Natural Sciences, an MSc in Science Communication, a PGDip in Information Science and a PGDip in Voluntary Sector Management. She is a volunteer for GirlGuidingUK, and a Trustee of the Royal Commonwealth Society and ENTHUSE Charitable Trust.

Katherine Mathieson

Roselind Mist

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Lorenzo Espinosa is a Board Trustee at the Young Scientists’ Journal. Lorenzo’s background sits at the intersection of digital strategy, data and operations. He is incredibly passionate about scaling organisations by leveraging technology-first products, high-performing teams and a deep focus on user needs.
Throughout his career, Lorenzo has launched and scaled cutting-edge solutions and multi-billion technology platforms across multiple geographies (US, Europe, Asia) for the likes of Amazon. He also enjoys the challenge of building businesses from the ground up, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
Lorenzo couples his interest in science and technology with leadership experience in other charitable causes such as educational inclusion, female equality or youth mentoring.
When he is not working, Lorenzo can be found traveling and discovering new places or trying to make some music with his guitar.

Lorenzo Espinosa

Laura Mawby , Mentor

Laura became Mentor of the Young Scientists Journal in 2019. In her day job she works as a physics teacher at the King’s School, Canterbury, where the YSJ was founded. She is an Australian who moved to Kent in UK in 2016, where she lives and works still, although she misses the Aussie beaches and weather!