The Young Scientists Journal Summer Research Internship




The Young Scientists Journal Summer Research Internship will provide students from ages 12-20 years old with an opportunity to develop research strategies that will sharpen their academic skills and further prepare them for professional careers in STEM. Participants will gain critical thinking skills as specialists and academics in their chosen field guide them through the process of academic research. Participants will partake in weekly seminars, academic development workshops, and individual sessions with junior mentors while conducting original research and writing a professional-level journal article. Participants will be able to engage in a virtual community with scholars similar to them. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion, and will be eligible to publish their research in a special issue of the Young Scientists Journal.
Additionally, a fee of £15 will be required to participate in this program and all profits will be donated to Alzheimer’s Association.
To learn more about this association please refer to their website:
The applicant may submit a request for sponsorship and fee waiver if they are for any reason unable to pay said amount, as there will be a small amount of sponsored positions available.

Summer 2021 Program Dates

June 21 – August 27, 2021
The program will be virtual. Participants will be given a total of two “catch-up weeks” during the course of the program. All required sessions must be attended. Any absence from a session without authorisation may result in disqualification from the program. The program organisers may be approached in exceptional circumstances for approval of an absence. In the case of disqualification due to absence or misconduct, there will be no refund of the fee.

General Informational Session

It is imperative the successful applicants attend an informational session. In it, our academic and junior mentors will provide a run through of what the program entails. Participants will be briefed on mentoring, expectations and requirements. The links for the informational session will be provided via email upon success of an application to the program.

Informational Session Dates

June 14, 2021 – 11:00 AM GMT – 12:00 PM GMT.
June 16, 2021 – 4:00 PM GMT – 5:00 PM GMT.



Please complete the Application Form below to be considered for admittance into the program. Your application status will be sent via email by June 12, 2021.

Application Deadline

June 4, 2021 – 11:59 PM GMT.


If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]