• Nasreen

    can you give some more explaination for the same.
    thank you

    • Claire Nicholson

      Hi – I’m slightly confused as to what you mean? I’ve had a quick read through your post and it seems fine????

  • Nasreen

    hey !
    why only ” tomatoes combat cancer ” and why not other lycopene rich foods such as watermelon, guavas, papaya etc .
    Article is absolutely fine but i want the explaination of the heading to why is it written so ? if other foods mentioned above are also rich in lycopene .

  • Julia Edsparr

    Hi Nasreen, “Lycopene-rich fruit combat cancer” is, in my opinion, not only a confusing title for someone who doesn’t know what lycopene is, but also rather heavy. Considering tomatoes are one of the most common and widely eaten of those fruit, I decided to use them in the title, and include other examples in the text. I hope this answers your question. Julia

  • Nasreen

    hi Julia
    yeahh it convinces me very nicely
    thank u fr d same