Outreach Officer (5+ Positions)

Key Responsibilities

The Young Scientist Journal is looking for Outreach Officers.
An exciting dynamic department, where you will be a regional ambassador to YSJ, the oldest and largest Journal of its kind. Engage with the wider community to ensure the young scientist’s journal maximises its reach and audience. Have the innovation in your region to form partnerships with academic institutions, charities and companies. You could be starting hubs in local schools, alongside helping with conferencing events.

Here are some qualifications that might be helpful for the role:
You must be between the ages of 12-20. Team work is essential, as your subject area will be a small, robust group. You will be communicating across all levels of the Journal, from the Senior Team to new incomers. Confidence and Innovation is paramount in outreach as you form relationships with new partners. A passion for STEM is important.

The Application Process

During the onboarding process, you will be asked to verify with Persona, our identity checker. This is due to the nature of the organisation featuring a large number of minors working alongside adults. Therefore all journal members must be verified with a valid identity card (Passport etc). You may be asked to complete a short post-application task. This is designed to further look at how you would fit into the role. For team leaders, such as this role, you will be required to undergo a short interview with the head of department and the chief editor if the position requires it. This will be relatively informal and will not be designed to catch you out!

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