Social Media Manager (4+ Positions)

Key Responsibilities

As a Social Media manager you will be responsible to the Senior Leadership team of the Journal and more specifically the Head of Marketing and Social Media executives. Duties will include creating one instagram and twitter caption per week and brainstorming new social media initiatives and content with the rest of the team. You will be assigned your task a week in advance and it is important to adhere to our deadlines.

Key Qualifications

To be successful in this role, evidence of good teamwork and communication skills are key. It is helpful to have some experience with creating social media content and working with other marketing tools, but is not necessary as the most important quality is enthusiasm for the role! Upon submission of this form, we will ask you to complete a short task to assess your suitability for the team. Any questions, please contact us via Instagram/Twitter DMs, email [email protected] or contact us through our community discord. Good luck!

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