Volunteers’ Week: Dolapo’s Experience

Over 100 young people from around the world volunteer as part of the Young Scientists Journal Team. In celebration of Volunteers’ Week 2019 (1st-7th June), Dolapo shared her experience of being part of the team…

Hello! My name is Omodolapo (Dolapo) Bolinda, I’m 14 years old and I live in London, in the UK. I am currently studying for my GCSEs and I’m in year 10. I have been part of the Young Scientist Journal (YSJ) team since January as the Ambassador for England!

What does your role involve?

Being part of the Outreach Team allows for much flexibility, there aren’t any set rules for my role! My basic duty is to spread the word about YSJ, which can take many forms such as handing out leaflets at my local library or giving assemblies at school. I’m also able to share my passion for science by writing blogs for the journal, which often includes collaboration with other members of the team.

What are your areas of interest within STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)?

I am interested in things across the sciences, the scientific method is very useful.  I’m quite young so my interests are still forming. I take a particular interest in evolutionary biology and space physics (I know they’re quite different!). I also think psychology is quite fascinating – especially evolutionary psychology. Not much is known about this topic but abiogenesis (the origin of life) in particular is intriguing. I’ve done a course on tissue engineering which was really interesting and I loved exploring the ethics side of things!

What motivated you to get involved in YSJ, and what do you get out of it?

One of my teachers introduced the journal to me but I dismissed the idea as it sounded very foreign to me and I didn’t think I’d be good enough (or old enough!) to be a part of the team. I enjoyed reading the articles though. I saw that YSJ was advertising spaces on their team on Twitter so read into it again and thought it’d be cool to join the Outreach Team. It’s nice to develop my interests beyond school and I look forward to the conference which sounds like fun!

Had you ever done anything like this before you joined the YSJ team?

No! It was a massive leap of faith of me to see if it was something I’d enjoy and fit into.     

What’s the best thing about being a member of the YSJ team?

Collaborating with people from all around the world!

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