Workshop A: GYWW and GEOSET



ROOM: Schoolroom

TIME: 14:30-15:30, 16:00-17:00


Workshop leader: Professor Sir Harry Kroto, Professor of Chemistry at Florida State University

The Goo-You-Wiki-World revolution and GEOSET– sharing science videos across the world

 Professor Kroto won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley in 1996 for his discovery of Carbon-60. He is professor of chemistry at Florida State University, which he joined in 2004. Prior to that, he spent a large part of his career at the University of Sussex, where he now holds an emeritus professorship.


The aim of education is to uncap the creative potential of every child and the Internet promises to do that better than before. Not only is information today almost instantaneously accessible, but anyone with expertise and the passion to communicate can contribute to the amazing globally-accessible cache of knowledge. Can on-line education replace a real teacher-pupil relationship? We should explore the imaginative educational opportunities which this new technology offers for instance to conflate synergistically with, rather than replace, traditional models. One such approach is the Global Educational Outreach for Science, Engineering and Technology (GEOSET) initiative ( which enables both teachers and students to contribute creatively to the great humanitarian endeavour of building the “Global Cache of Knowledge” and at the same time improve greatly their career prospects.

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