Workshop B: The Psychology of Science Communication


B. The Psychology of Science Communication

ROOM: ChemLab 3

TIME: 14:30-15:30, 16:00-17:00


Workshop leader: Professor Averil MacDonald, University of Reading

How to understand your audience in order to make an impact


 Professor MacDonald holds the Chair of Science Engagement at the University of Reading. Averil has been awarded the international Bragg Medal and Prize by the Institute of Physics, London, the accolade of Woman of Outstanding Achievement in Science in recognition of her work in Science Communication, and the prestigious Plastics Industry Award.


Communicating science isn’t just a matter of deciding what you want to say – or write – and then saying it or writing it well. The real professionals approach the process with a serious analysis of who their audience is and how they think. In this workshop you will find out how to understand your audience, how to choose the voice, the feel, the message, the medium and the level for your piece along with a USP that really hooks your audience into reading or listening to the end.

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