Influenza: Will YOU Survive?

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Aisling Clube, Olivia Wollaston and Intie Howell

Beneden School, Kent, UK

What causes influenza? – Viruses  What is influenza pandemic? – Disease cause by a new virus strain, not to be   confused with and epidemic  How do viruses reproduce? – Need the host cell to reproduce – viruses are not   living.  How does influenza change? – Antigenic drift and antigenic shift  How is influenza transmitted and how can we prevent? Direct contact and   aerosols. Hand washing!  Case study of the Spanish flu – how was it transmitted? Where did it come from?  What are the positive and negative impacts of technology on preventing   influenza pandemics? Positive – Better collection of data, can contact people   without travelling and spreading the disease. Negative – planes and other modes   of transport worsen the spread  What Strategies do the government use? Risk reduction and treatment for   example vaccinations.

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