How to Get Your Teacher Interested in Starting a Hub

Thank you for your interest in introducing the Young Scientists Journal to your school. Your efforts open up wonderful opportunities to stimulate and sustain interest in science, making a big difference to your school.
In order to start a Hub within your school, you must speak to a teacher who can organise and administrate certain aspects of the Hub. This teacher will have an active role within the Hub and so you must choose wisely. The teacher should teach a science-based subject, be motivated to prolong a lasting relationship between your school and the Journal and have spare time available to help with the general running of the Hub.
Before speaking to your teacher, you should ensure you have visited the Young Scientists Journal website to find out all you can about Hubs. There is information pack that is available to download or order from It is also possible to email [email protected] and we will happily provide any information needed. This will allow you to answer any questions that your teacher may have and to pitch with confidence.
When speaking to the teacher, do promote the journal and remember that your initiative will be greatly appreciated by teachers. If the teacher is hesitant, it is likely that there is a reason for doubting whether he/she would like to be involved within the journal. Perhaps the teacher would like to take some time to decide. Remember, whatever his/her decision there will be many other teachers who would like to be involved. Once again, do not hesitate to provide any teacher with the email address [email protected] as they may want more information.
Finally, Young Scientist Journal Hubs have been a great success in schools around the world so ensure that your teacher knows that there is a strong network of support and information for the setting up and prolonging Hub schools.

1 thought on “How to Get Your Teacher Interested in Starting a Hub”

  1. Omar Ayman AbdelAziz AbdelMagied Kassem

    I am interested in starting a hub; However, I doubt that my school would be the suitable environment (almost no one would be interested in joining.) So could I organize it externally and recruit others from other schools. As for the headquarters, I am a member of a club caled competitive college clb, and I believe that it will much more supporting as almost all club members will be willing to join

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