Hello all, I am a new Editor here for YSJ and would like to introduce myself.
I am currently a third year chemistry student at the University of Edinburgh.  I am really enjoying being a student in Edinburgh as there are always lots of different things going on there – which I get to join in with when I am having a break from studying and writing lab reports etc.!
About a year ago I became a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador – where I have joined in with some science communication events.  I volunteered with a secondary school on a weekly basis, and helped out in some of the first and second year science classes – where I hopefully inspired more young people to follow science further!  Also, I recently helped out at the Edinburgh International Science Festival and got to meet the broad range of people who enjoy science.
As you can probably guess, I think science communication is of great importance and so this journal is a fantastic thing for both the people involved in its creation and its audience.  In my blog here I hope to talk about some of the STEM activities that I have been doing.

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